Trust in our know-how gained from more than 1000 real estate presentations in Mallorca. We will support you in finding the best time for shooting and will take care of a friendly setting. 

    - more than 1000 properties realized


    Photo Equipment

    We use state-of-the-art equipment to convey the appeal of your rooms.- Super wide-angle lenses create a spatial impression similar to that of the human eye.

    - External flash devices and tripods allow us to take photos even under adverse light conditions.

    - 12 mm super-wide angle shots


    Post Production

    All images undergo careful post-production. This includes the correction of white balance and contrast. We also remove unwanted converging lines, resulting in a bright and friendly image.




    By digitally combining several image files we are able to create an “open view”, which shows the indoor and

    outdoor part of the image perfectly exposed. This effect creates a more natural viewing experience for your clients.


    Service and Support

    We support you personally with creating the best presentation for your property. We agree on the optimum time to take your pictures, also on short notice if required. We do the shooting independently and deliver your pictures to a web server, within one week.

A picture is worth...

a thousand words... That is why today professional photos are an absolute
“must have” for successfully promoting real estate on the net.

Marketing professionals know the connection between optimum images and
client inquiries.

Our presentations make people interested in your real estate. They are friendly,
bright and informative. Perfect pictures are not a coincidence. High-end equipment,
careful post-production and final quality assurance as well 
as our know-how in
presenting real estate objects will guarantee you optimum results.



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